Foam Latex Appliance | Bones

Our Bones foam latex appliance is a perfect choice for your Death, Grim Reaper, tribal warrior, fallen angel or LAPR character. Beyond mere a Halloween mask-- Bones is a professional quality foam latex appliance, just like the we use in Hollywood television and films. Bones's skull design and sinister appearance  is both frightening and amazing. This foam prosthetic can be applied and painted a variety of ways, to suit your Halloween or film needs: light colored tradional bone colored pallete and tribal or  flesh toned and human inspired, even tattooed! Two separate appliances: One forehead piece and one chin piece with tusks attached. Bones is one of our most popular designs. Put your own "spin" on Bones and create your own Halloween make-up masterpiece! 

Includes:  One foam latex facial appliance - ready to apply & color!

(Wigs, costumes and contacts not included. Ear Tips, Teeth sold separately)

What else will you need? Our Makeup Kit is your appliance's perfect companion. Everything you need to apply, color, remove your Scream Team Appliance



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