Out-Of-Stock ?

September 2016

Hey there, Scream Teamers! This is where the "foam rubber meets the road", so to speak. Crunch time. 


Here are some facts about our much-desired foam latex appliances:

  • Each piece is hand made with scary-loving care by real make-up effects artists. So, yup! Stock can be limited at times! But don't look at that nasty "SOLD OUT" sign on the piece you want and freak out!
  • KEEP TRYING! We are currently putting in stock every day  Please note: some designs  are sold out within minutes of us entering them into stock!  No joke, sometimes within SECONDS. 
  • But fear not, we are running and creating pieces around the clock to fulfill all of our Scream Team customer needs!

What's An Order Lottery? 

  • In the past, we have created what is called an "Order Lottery" which goes like this:
  • We create all of our pieces and put them into stock at an exact time every week (sometimes up to three times a week).
  • (That way you can be waiting to know exactly when we put our stock into inventory!)
  • This gives our loyal customers have a fairer shot of getting the pieces they  want.  
  • Email us for more info!

  • WILL THERE BE AN ORDER LOTTERY THIS YEAR? We won't know until we see what the demand is as September/October rolls around.