The Scream Team Instructional Video Download : 1.25 hour running time

Product Description

The Scream Team Instructional DVD is now a digital download! Now watch it anywhere. 
Using his easy instructions, Ramp, founder of The Scream Team, makes the process simple and fun. The information he gives you is  far more than simply a "how to" process. Scott breaks down each step so that anyone--regardless of experience--can achieve top notch Hollywood results.

A Special Features section offers more advanced makeup tips and tricks.  The Scream Team creator, Scott Ramp (Hollywood special effects makeup artist and instructor) takes you through a comprehensive look at the process of: Applying, coloring, removing and how to bring "life" to Scream Team foam latex appliance makeup. Team Instructional video is perfect for those who are interested in three dimensional makeups or those who just want to blow their friends away at a Halloween event!

Download your copy today. 1.25 hour running time. 

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