Shipping Information

FYI: All orders placed between noon (PST) August 18 to Sunday August 20 will be shipped out on Monday August 21st. We usually like to ship within 24 hours, but this is a crazy weekend for us.Thanks for understanding.


Over the years, we have experimented with with all the various shipping and postal options. We have chosen USPS PRIORITY MAIL as our main domestic shipping carrier and USPS PRIORITY EXPRESS MAIL for our international orders. Priority Mail is track-able and fast. In most cases it takes 2 days to arrive. (International orders? Only 4-5 days) 

Could we do first class? Yes, but we have chosen not to as too many orders go missing and it just takes too darn long. So, no. 

Totals Cost of Your Order:
$00.00 to $ 30.00---------- 14.95
$30.01 to $100.00--------- 16.95
$100.01 to $200.00-------- 18.95
$200.01 to $300.00-------- 20.95
$300.01 to $400.00-------- 21.95
$400.01 to $500.00-------- 30.95
$500.01 to $600.00-------- 32.95
$600.01 to $700.00-------- 38.95
$700.01 to $900.00-------- 48.95
$900.01 to $1100.00------ Contact us for a quote
$1200.01 up----------------- Contact us for a quote

Canadian Orders: Calculate from above and add $28.00.
International Orders: Calculate from above and add $40.00
U.S. Funds only.
All Canadian and International orders are shipped US PRIORITY EXPRESS MAIL. It varies as to when it may arrive depending on your country's Customs Office regulations.