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"There's nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight."  -Lon Chaney, Sr.


Coulrophobia: Fear of clowns. It is one of the most pervasive phobias in our culture. Simply put -clowns are really freaking scary. Most clown masks that you find at  Halloween stores are rubber or hard latex, and leave little-to-no room for facial motion and creative expression. The Scream Team Clown prosthetic is made of film quality foam latex, which gives you full range of motion as well as the creative freedom you desire to transform your outer human into your inner clown.  There are an infinite number of looks and colors you can use to make your own scary Clown.  The Clown is one of The Scream Team's premiere products, and it is easy to create film-quality evil clown make-up with our easy-to-follow system and additional make-up kit

Product Features

Long Chin and deep lines add to wicked evil clown effect

Full facial movement not seen in most other evil clown masks

Versatile appliance - scary clown is only the beginning

Includes:  One foam latex facial appliance - ready to apply & color!

(Wigs, costumes and contacts not included. Ear Tips, Teeth sold separately)

What else will you need? Our Makeup Kit is your appliance's perfect companion. Everything you need to apply, color, remove your Scream Team Appliance




Type: Foam Latex Appliances

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