Recommended Products! Products for your Scream Team foam latex prosthetic

Posted on September 03, 2021 by The Scream Team | 0 comments

Recommended Products for your Scream Team Prosthetic

Folks ask us all the time: What products do you use (besides our own foam latex appliances and makeup kit )?

Well, we do use and adore a bunch of products that suit our monster-loving needs. But one company love is  Premiere Products Inc.  

 1. PPI's Skin Illustrator   is a go to product for us. Developed by makeup artist, Kenny Meyers and created by Premiere Products Inc, it's an alcohol based, deeply pigmented make-up for use on appliances. Their palettes are amazing and varied (something for everyone). Scott Ramp uses them every time he does a creation. In fact, PPI has developed a Skin Illustrator palette exclusively  for The Scream Team!  A mini palette with must have colors.  

2. They also have Telesis 7 a silicone based adhesive. It's an industry standard.  Super adhesive. Not for newbies, as once this sticks, it's stuck. It's amazing like that. 

3. Green Marble Sealer / Blue Marble Sealer Great for sealing colors and setting makeup so you can apply in layers. We love all of PPI's products! Would you Scream Teamers be interested if we carried a few of these in our store

Let us know what you think. Also what products do you love? 

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