Foam Latex Appliance Make-Up Kit

Foam Latex Appliance Makeup Kit 
Appliances and prosthetics are an essential tool of a special effects makeup artist. Prosthetics create realistic characters and effects unreachable by makeup alone. These could be a full face mask or something as small as a fake cut. To use an appliance, it not only has to be attached but colored as well. That is a large job, but Graftobian has the answer: our Appliance makeup kit.
This appliance makeup kit contains all of the necessary items for attaching, coloring, and removing latex or foam latex appliances or prosthetic pieces, as well as full instructions. First, fit your appliance to your client’s face and trim any excess. Then adhere the prosthetic with Spirit Gum.  Afterwords, color with the Rubber Mask Grease Wheel and set with translucent powder. Add any needed gory details with Blood Gel. When the fun is all over, remove the appliance with a cotton swab and Spirit Gum remover. Those are the basics, and this appliance kit can handle all that and more.
Appliance Makeup Kit Includes:
Makeup Items:
  • Appliance Rubber Mask Grease Makeup Wheel 0.25 oz / 7 g. – Rubber Mask Grease (RMG) is made especially for use directly over latex or foam latex surfaces. Colors included in this wheel are Medium Honey, Green, Light Cream, Ebony, Red, and Milk Chocolate. 
  • Spirit Gum – Spirit Gum is the classic theatrical adhesive. Our special formulation is second to none! Use it to attach prosthetic pieces to the skin as well as lace hair pieces and crepe wool applications. Also use to attach modeling wax to the skin before shaping. To use: Paint Spirit Gum onto the area where the appliance will attach. Tap Spirit Gum until it becomes tacky. Stick on the item and secure the edges with additional Spirit Gum if needed. Remove with Spirit Gum Remover. Special Safety Notes: Keep out of eyes and be sure to remove gently with our Spirit Gum Remover.
  • Spirit Gum Remover – Use for the gentle removal of Spirit Gum from the skin. To use: Apply the remover with a cotton swab or foam-tipped applicator around the edges of the appliance/piece to allow plenty of it to soak in. This loosens the attached item gently and makes removal less uncomfortable. 
  • Blood Gel – Blood Gel is a deep red, glycerin-based blood that never dries and gives the look of oozing, wet, thick blood. Because it washes off easily with soap and water, Blood Gel is a favorite among makeup artists. 
  • Translucent Pro Setting Powder – A neutral setting powder that will not change or dull colors. This lightweight and economical powder perfect for setting makeup for your favorite Halloween characters, SFX, or the school play.
  • ProPencil™ Ultra HD Lining Pencil – Graftobian’s Pro Pencils are a true favorite among makeup artists and everyday makeup wearers because colors glide on with smooth accuracy.
  • Stipple Sponge – This web matrix filter sponge is the ultimate makeup texturing sponge. The broken blood vessel looks often needed for SFX or old age makeup are a snap with this sponge. The sponge matrix is even stiff enough to texture sealed modeling wax. This is simply the most versatile SFX sponge you will ever use.
  • 2″ Powder Puff – These compact powder puffs are satin on one side, velour on the other. Use these puffs for setting makeup, absorbing moisture or even makeup removal.
  • Non-Latex Foam Wedges – Graftobian’s foam sponge wedges are the best in the industry. While the competition carries latex sponges that rub apart or ball up upon contact with beard stubble, Graftobian’s wedges hold their integrity. These non-latex foam sponge wedges give numerous surfaces with which to apply and blend creme-based makeup. You won’t find any foam sponge on the market that is more comfortable to use and has this much resiliency. 
  • Economy #4 (3/16″) Brush – Our brushes are made from synthetic fibers, long known for their durability, resilience and quality. They allow face and body painters to perform artistry properly and professionally. You will soon find yourself using this small, economical, durable brush for practically everything from face and body painting to eyeshadow and lipstick.
  • Instruction Sheet
Due to the variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to the actual product. Use for reference only.

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