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Foam Latex Prosthetics By The Scream Team | since 1996 | Halloween Makeup

The Scream Team | Film-Quality Foam Latex Prosthetics| Beyond Halloween Masks

Since 1996, The Scream Team has created professional quality foam latex appliances, that far beyond the mere Halloween masks and makeup. The Scream Team's line of handmade, durable film quality prosthetics are perfect for those who wants to create that perfect Halloween creature or convention show stopper.  Halloween masks of the past had limitations. The Scream Team's foam latex masks allow for you to "come through" the appliance and really create a one-of-a-kind special effect. 

Are you ready to make your Halloween next level? The Scream Team’s line of easy-to-wear foam latex prosthetics are what you’ve been searching for! 

Scott Ramp (special effects make-up artist, instructor and Face-Off alumni) has created an easy-to-follow, step-by-step system that allows you, regardless of your experience. You will be able produce quality effects from the get-go. The Scream Team also offers a full make-up kit and accessories, like wigs and fx teeth to help make your new character reallly come to life.   

Searching for the ultimate scary clown makeup? 

Our scary Clown is beyond iconic! 

What about blood-curdling vampire makeup?

So any choices..you’re only .limited only by your imagination. 

The Scream Team is your source for the best in special effects prosthetics / foam latex appliances. 

Imagine the frightening possibilities...

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