Boaris Foam Latex Prosthetic Appliance

Boaris Boar Orc Foam Latex Appliance by The Scream Team 

Meet Boaris . This foam latex appliance is a perfect choice for your Orc, tribal warrior, human-animal hybrid or live action role-playing character. Beyond mere a Halloween mask -- Boaris is a professional quality foam latex appliance, just like the we use in Hollywood television and films. Boaris's amazing tusks and boar-like appearance  is both frightening and a bit awe-inspiring. This foam latex prosthetic can be applied and painted a variety of ways, to suit your Halloween or film needs:orc like and tribal or  flesh toned and human inspired -- even tattooed!  Boaris is one of our bestselling designs. Put your own "spin" on Boaris and create your own Halloween make-up masterpiece!

Your Boaris Foam Latex Appliance Includes: 

  • One full foam latex facial appliance (one forehead and one chin piece with tusks attached)
          - ready to apply & color!

           (Wigs, costumes and contacts not included. Ear Tips, Teeth sold separately.

    What else will you need?





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