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What is foam latex? How is it different from regular latex (rubber)?

Foam latex is the result of a four-part chemical process that involves mixing liquid latex with other chemicals for a period of time to create a "meringue-like" foam. That foam is injected into molds and baked for several hours. The end result is a soft, skin-like prosthetic appliance that is used in Hollywood films and television. Foam latex is far superior to plain latex as it moves with your face, and because of it's lightweight properties it looks different on each person. Foam latex is far superior to your usual latex rubber Halloween mask!

How are foam latex appliances made?

It is a mult-part process. Simply put, this is how it goes:

First, a cast is made of a human face/head. Then, a sculpture is created on this in clay. A mold is made of this sculpture, pulled apart and cleaned. Whipped foam latex is then injected into the mold and it is baked for 3-4 hours. Then, the appliance comes out of the mold, is "flashed", washed, dried and moves into the packaging area.

Do you pre-color or pre-paint your foam latex appliances?

To pre-color each prosthetic would limit your creativity and coloring choices. We want our creations to become your creations. Part of the fun is to be able to say "Yeah, I did my own makeup!" Also, we want to keep our prices at a reasonable level.

Do these foam latex masks fit everyone?

These pieces are designed on a "generic" face. They will fit almost any adult-sized face, male or female. These are not recommended for extra small faces, like young children, but we have put them on children as young as 12.

I am not artistic. Can I really do this?

No problem. Each piece comes with detailed instructions by industry makeup artist Scott Ramp. Scott has taught special effects makeup professionally for over a 20 years. He prides himself on being able to teach this to literally anyone. Not to worry, you can do it.

Can I reuse your foam latex appliances?

Yes, with proper care. Follow the removal and storage directions included. Patience is a virtue, remember. Unlike, "Mission Impossible", you can't just rip this off your face and expect to get another use out of it. We used to say the average was 5 to 7 uses, but the past few years we've heard many of 10+ and at least one of over 30 uses!

How long can I wear the appliance?

Depending on your choice of application, these can be worn for hours and hours. Prosthetics are worn on movie sets all day. Not to state the obvious, but don't sleep in it, okay? Not that anything bad will happen, but you'll mess up your pillows and freak out if you look at yourself in the middle of the night in the bathroom mirror. 

What if I'm allergic to latex, makeup or adhesive?

If you know positively that you are allergic to latex, makeups or adhesive, you probably want to steer away from this type of thing. Also, most makeup allergies are due to reactions to petroleum bases. Since you would be using a castor-oil based makeup, you may not have a reaction. Always do a test patch in an inconspicuous area 24 hours prior to making up just to be sure.

Can I send you a picture of something and have you create it for me?

The Scream Team is so busy year round that we do not usually take custom order requests. Also, custom work is cost prohibitive for the average customer. If you have an idea for an idea for a new design that you want to share with us, we would be happy to consider it for next year's new designs!

How long does shipping take?

Orders are processed daily from August to November. Shipping anywhere in the U.S. takes about three days. We use USPS PRIORITY MAIL. International/Overseas shipping time varies depending on the country. On average it takes about 7-10 days, though.

Where can I get the make-up and supplies needed to apply and color your prosthetics?

We have created the perfect solution: The Scream Team Makeup Kit. It has everything you need to apply, color, remove and care for your Scream Team Foam Latex Appliance.

The product I want is out of stock! Will you be getting more in before Halloween?

We create new stock every single day until November. Sometimes, unexpected demand for a certainpiece will cause some stock issues, but keep trying.