Vicious Foam Latex Prosthetic Appliance

“Vicious” Vampire Brow Foam Latex Prosthetic by The Scream Team

Deep in the recesses of each heart, lies a bit of darkness. Vicious, new for 2019, captures that darkness within us. Perfect for a vampire of your dreams (or nightmares) Use Vicious as an Orc, vampire, witch, clown an alien and so much more. What will you create with your Scream Team Vicious foam latex appliance? Buffy fans, Lost Boy fans... this is for you, too! 

Thanks to Alana Rose Schiro and Haley Adler Rivella for their beautiful makeup applications! More pictures of Vicious coming soon! 

Designed and sculpted by Scott Ramp 

Makeup applied by Alana Rose Schiro and Hayley Adler-Rivella 

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